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8D7N Chengdu Experience - NON MUSLIM
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Day 1

Meet at KK Terminal.2 , by Drangon Air flight to Hong kong transit then to Chengdu.

Day 2

Songpan ancient name of song states, the historic city of Sichuan Province, is famous for the historic border town, known as the "western Sichuan portal", the ancient land of military forces. Songpan city planning in accordance with the Chinese Traditional thinking and architectural style of building up the city, epitomizes the historical and cultural characteristics 14-19 century AD, before the Han nationality.

Day 3

Fairy Tale World Jiuzhaigou there are dozens of peaks, high plug the sky, the snow-capped all year round. Valley odd blend of water, during which the successful distribution of the size of the trapezoid 114 lakes, 17 waterfalls, travertine stream 5, spring 47, turbulence section 11 to 1870 meters of elevation above sea level, in the 12 snow Passing between the peaks and valleys, beads Lian pick, Y-shaped beads, meandering nearly 60 kilometers, forming the only Chinese, the world's rare alpine lakes and waterfalls and travertine stream as the main scenic spots. The number of square meters of small lakes, the largest of the sea for up to seven kilometers long. Lake year-round blue clarity, color spot Lan, in the sunlight, showing blue, yellow, orange, green and other colors, eye-catching. When the weather is nice, blue sky, white clouds, snow-capped mountains, forests reflected in the lake, amidst the floating green, picturesque, and goes with the seasons showing a different color and charm, the "Jiuzhaigou Guilaibukan water," said. ( Including Green Car) .

Day 4

Huanglong Scenic Area is Nature Reserve complex and diverse ecosystems, high habitat diversity. Superior natural conditions in its territory, tall mountains, deep valleys, altitude span. According to animal habitat area habitat types can be divided into eight kinds. From bottom to top are: evergreen broadleaf forest, low mountain secondary shrub, needle - broadleaf mixed forest, coniferous forest, alpine shrub meadow, in addition to streams, houses and bare rock. Under normal circumstances, due to the diversity of evergreen broadleaved forest habitat, rich foods, and thus the most abundant species of mammals. Followed by low mountains secondary shrub, then followed conifer, coniferous forest, alpine shrub meadow. In the bare rock, house and minimal stream habitat types..

Day 5

Leshan Giant Buddha in Leshan City, Sichuan Province is located in the Minjiang, Qingyi, Dadu confluence of three rivers, and the Leshan city across the river. Leshan Giant Buddha carved on the wall Minjiang, Qingyi, Dadu confluence, depending on the south bank of the Minjiang River Gun Hill Qixia peak Riverside cliff Made from, aka Gun Buddha, Maitreya is seated. Leshan Giant Buddha is one of the fine arts statues Mo Yan Tang Dynasty, is the world's largest stone Buddha statue. Buddha sat two hands knee posture, shape dignified, drainage facilities and see hidden ingenious design. Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area from Gun Hill, Ma Hao rock tomb, Houyoux mountains, giant Buddha-shaped landscape, an area of about 8 square kilometers. Mount Emei Scenic Area Scenic genus range, is a national 5A scenic spots, famous scenery.

Day 6

Baoguosi numerous temples, Temple is the gateway into the mountains, is the starting point for tours of Mount Emei. Zhou Nan Temple here Bikong tree, red walls and surrounded the house of Chong Wei Wang, Jinbi Hui, cigarette curl, chime sound of success. Temple ride west to east, toward the rising sun welcome, late delivery falling clouds. Front of Fort Phoenix, Phoenix after leaning Ping, left near Phoenix Lake, pull to the right Feng-ting. 。 Fuhu when a small temple, next to Dragon Hall, pharmacists Hall. Song Shaoxing years to build the Temple Monk heart, monk Shi Jian His Holiness buildings in the town of Tigers, renamed Fuhu, said temple mountain shaped like a crouching tiger named. Hogye known Buddhist temple. Fuhu names are also still in use. Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is one of educating the main target species studied, other species also include tiger, red panda and golden monkey. Research areas include breeding, nutrition, veterinary and behavioral science. Progress in these areas enables us to provide the best protection for the species in captivity. In addition, in situ conservation and ex-situ conservation-related research can also be used to promote the management of wild and captive panda population. Jinli Old Town shops sell some chopsticks, tea, lanterns, silk and souvenirs. The gourmet restaurant is Zhang Fei beef, three guns, broth powder, one cup of chopsticks are directed to the flavor, not fancy, no gimmicks, the emphasis is affordable. There are artisans of stuff, pinching clay figurine, turn sugar painting children, buy a paper-cut, all contain something playful, nostalgic also miss the simple pleasures of childhood.

Day 7

After breakfast, then send to airport, ending your happy holidays…..home sweet home.

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