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Tip of Borneo Runggus Longhouse
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Kudat, a three-hour drive north of Kota Kinabalu, is famous for its rich cultural heritage and blending of ethnic groups, especially the Rungus, the largest and the main ethnic group living in Kudat. The Rungus, a sub-tribe of the Kadazandusun, are the main ethnic group living in the Kudat region. They are renowned in Sabah as highly skilled artisans, who traditionally make colourful beaded necklaces from local plant seeds and clay, with motifs of ancient designs, usually signifying old fables and legends. They are also highly skilled at basketry and cloth weaving.

The Bavaggazo longhouses also known as "Binatang", are unique attractions for visitors as they were planned and developed as a cultural centrepiece by the Rungus community at Kampong Bavaggazzo as a means to display and conserve their cultural heritage while engaging in an economically sustainable venture. Guests can experiencing life in a longhouse while taking part in community activities such as weaving and bead stringing. Longhouse meals are mainly home grown, featuring fish and seafood as well as wild ferns and fruits. The evening brings a festive 'party' atmosphere to the longhouse, with the rhythmic playing of gongs and villagers resplendent in their traditional black costume, complete with elaborate beads.

You will be taken on a pleasant drive to north of Kota Kinabalu, Passing by Kota Belud lies to Kudat district for your Rungus Longhouse tour. The Rungus still maintain the longhouse community system and you can witness their unique lifestyle. Enjoy your lunch before returning back to Kota Kinabalu.

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