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2D1N Kinabatangan Wildlife
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Day 1     SDK Airport or Hotel - Sepilok Orangutan – Sun Bear – Kinabatangan River. Overnight. (L,D)

You will be picked up by car or coach and transferred to the Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre where orphaned and injured Orang-Utans are brought to be rehabilitated and learn to fend for themselves back in the wild. Sepilok is a primary lowland forest; a fine showcase of Borneo’s remaining rainforest. The highlight is witnessing the feeding of Orang-Utans from a platform in the center of their forest enclosure. A scheduled documentary video about 25 minutes is a great overview of the Orang-Utan. 

We continue by visiting Sabah’s first Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) which is next to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. The Conservation Centre was founded by Mr. Wong Siew Te, a biologist studying and working with Bornean Sun bears. BSBCC was established in 2008 through collaboration with the Sabah Wildlife Department, Sabah Forestry Department and Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP). It is a non-government organization and was setup to prevent the endangered bear from becoming extinct. All rescued sun bears are free to roam within the forest enclosure. You have opportunity to get a close view of the world’s smallest bear from the observation platform. 

We proceed to drive for about 2.5hrs through rustic countryside dotted with villages.

Arrive at our lodge where we are welcomed by our guide and we proceed to check in to our rooms. Lunch is served at their restaurant. There is free leisure time when you can relax by Sabah's longest river before embarking by boat up-river at 1600hrs.

The Kinabatangan provides an opportunity to view wildlife and birds in its Secondary Rainforest habitat. Search for wildlife including the famous endemic Proboscis Monkeys as they settle down on treetops. Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places in Southeast Asia to observe wildlife from the boat such as Wild Orang Utan, Crocodile, Long Tail/ Short Tail Macaque, Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Birds such as horn bill, king fisher and others  in the wild.  After dinner, relax and enjoy some leisure time before going to bed for the night. 

Day 2    Oxbow Lake  - Gomantong Cave - SDK Airport or Hotel. (B)

We begin the day with a Morning Cruise to Oxbow Lake to observe more wildlife and birds. We return back to the lodge for breakfast and proceed to check out to Gomantong Cave. 

The Gomantong Cave complex is situated within the 3,297 Ha natural protected area along the Kinabatangan River. The surrounding area is the home to a great variety of wildlife and the cave is a home for bats and swiftlets which produce the most famous edible bird’s nest in Asia. The second largest section, the Simud Hitam cave, allows public access. The dark and wet ceiling of the cave is the place where the birds nest.

The complex is open all year round but twice a year visitors may be lucky enough to witness the workers climb to the ceiling using string ladders to collect bird nests. The smell of the ammonia, and presence of unique crawling insects and cockroaches along the walls beside the boardwalk, are features of this stunning geological formation. Truly a worth visit as occasionally lucky visitors spot rare wildlife including wild Orang-Utan, the red leaf monkey, bearded pigs, snakes and hornbills.

The tour will finish about 1300 hrs and you will return to your hotel or Sandakan Airport. This marks the end of service.


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